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I lovelovelove the SuJu album ♥_______________♥ It's amazing. It's so... guh

All of the songs are good and adrgbfhsn;MDjnhbg I flail at Heartquake because DBSJ nyaaaaaaaaaaaa. I've been a bit... upset these last two days but now I'm a bit better :3 This just cheered me up so much

I've been reading Pin fics and listening to cheerful music and watching dramas. Right now I'm watching Neverland again because I rediscovered my love for Tackey&Tsubasa and gsfeh Tsubasa's so cute in this and it has almost-mini-Koki who's all stalkerish in this first epi. And Miyake. Oh, Miyakeeee~
♥ I love how his character is all moody and mysterious and listens to classical music XD

I have also been watching old Shokura's from 2005 and Ya-ya-yaaaah, Taiyoooooou, come baaaaaaaack ;__;
♥ All of KT and NEWS are so young and squishable and AHAHAHAHA YABU YOUR HAIRCUT and aww they're so cute

There are many hearts in this post.

And Miia, if you read this, I'm sorry I didn't answer your call. I was talking to Juuli and didn't notice that you called before just now. And I can't text you because you're probably sleeping and the ringtone would wake you up but I'll call later today. You're okay, right?

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