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I'll write something when I'm not dead.

That means tomorrow.

But it was AMAZING ♥♥

So. Me, my friend Miia and her little sister woke up somewhere around 5 am. It took us a little less than an hour to get ready so we left at 6.15 am. The bus we took arrived at Elielinaukio at 6.50 am so we then headed to Asematunneli where the signing session was to be held. We took quite long to find the end of the line and when we found it there was about 60 people before us so we were confident that we'd get our CDs signed.

And then the waiting started. We got to know the 4 people that were in front of us in the line and they talked only English and Swedish so I was giddy that I got to talk in English. After waiting for 6 hours the security guards announced that we should line up properly before the door. Not everyone heard it but we moved anyway and cut the line suddenly there was only about 10 people before us! Then we waited some more and a camera man that was filming material for An Cafe DVD walked around filming us :'D The people before us were crying and being hysteric and I was just smiling like an idiot. I'd get to see An Cafe up close!

The guard let the fans in in groups of 5, so we were the in the second group to go in. I tried to take pictures of the members but my phone is full of fail so this is the best I've got:

There's Teruki's back, Takuya (who suddenly shred his cute image and became hot) and Miku :3

Teruki's smile was too cute and and his "kiitos" (thank you in Finnish) was almost accentless 8D I think his handshake was the best, his grip wasn't too tight or loose -coughtakuyacough-

Next was Takuya. I almost fell over when I moved in the line to stand in front of him XD He smiled at me when I gave him the booklet that they signed and then shook my hand. Though it was mostly a one sided handshake because he just put his hand out and didn't grip mine :'D He was obviously ready to flee the fangirls XD He said "kiitos" too.

After Takuya was Miku, who was, like, bouncing in his seat XD He said hello before signing and said "ole hyvä" (here you go in Finnish) when he gave the booklet back to me X3

THEN WAS YUUKI 8DDD He was cheerful too and greeted me befroe signing the booklet. He looked a bit like Nino when he smiled, it was cute. I think I was smiling like an idiot because he asked "are you happy?" and I was like "veryveryveeeery happy 8DDDDDDDDD" and he laughed at me XD

Kanon was looking quite gloomy at the end of the table with a hat almost covering his eyes. But when he signed the booklet and gave it back to me he smiled the sweetest smile everrrrr. I almost melted on the spot.

Here's the signed CD

It's blurry 8<

Then we moved to line up before Tavastia. There were already quite many people lined up but we still got quite a good spot on the second wall. Clock was something like 14.00 so we had to wait 4 hours before the doors opened and then an hour inside. While waiting for the doors to open we asked the people in front of us to watch our spot and went to eat. And then we waited some more.

When we got in, I got a great spot at the top of the stairs. I saw the whole stage the whole time and it wasn't even hot.

The place blew up when An Cafe walked out to the stage. They started with Cherry Saku Yuuki ;;-----;♥♥ Everyone just sang along and ahbdfjg it was funnnn 8D Then, they played Tekesuta Kousen♥ I almost died, it was amazing live. Here's a video the tourguy filmed. The top of the stairs looks like it's so far from the stage XD After that I'm not sure of the exact order they played the songs from here on but I'll try :'D

Then Miku talked. And he spoke quite clearly so everyone understood him. I don't remember what he said. At all XD

I think next they played Kawayu's Rock, which was so much fun because you got to do the furis and it was so catchy :D After that came SUMMER DIVE in which we got to sing the "dive, dive" parts in the chorus. Next was Zetsubou and ORANGE DREAM T________T♥♥ One of my favourite songs. I almost started crying when Miku smiled and looked at the top of the stairs I couldn't help but start grinning again XD 

L-O-V-E Nyappy was fun too and Miku's dancing was hilarious :'D NYAPPY in the world 4 ~theme to Hannyaism~ was perhaps the greatest ever 8D Yuuki came to the front from behind his keyboard and sang and danced with Miku and entertained the audience.

Then came Miku's fail. He was said that "za next songu is AROMAAA~" and everyone screamed but then Teruki yelled at Miku from behind the drumset like "nonono, DUCKU, DUCKUUUU" and Miku apologised and said that the next song is "Ducku no Magicaru Adsgyhdujkgh" and everyone went crazy. Again. BECAUSE IT WAS DUCK NO MAGICAL ADVENTURE. LIVE. OMG.

It was so cuuuuuuuuuuuute and amazing and 8DDDD He asked us things like "which which do you like do you like moomin moomin or donald duck donald duck" and "which which do you like do you like helsinki boy helsinki boy or an cafe boy an cafe boy"

After that came Aroma. It was fun but I expected more from it. And My ♥ Leaps for "C" was agduijpgrlkhmn ;_______;♥♥ AND SNOW SCENE WAS LAST. SNOW SCENE. SNOOOOOOOW SCEEEEEEEEENE♥

They left the stage and we screamed for an encore :'D

They played BondS and Smile Ichiban Ii Onna and waved at everyone and Yuuki hugged Teruki and ahuisufbdjkgrfm :''DDDD♥♥ I want to go baaaaaaack. I bought a t-shirt and a poster.

There's the CD again too 8D And that's the end of my report. Sorry for any mistakes etc but I wrote this pretty fast XD

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*Revives you*

(Random note; Slumdog millionaire is one of the most amazing movies ever. Go watch it if you haven't yet.)

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