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FT Island fic for my friend, yay! ilu Miia.

Something Only You Can Give Me | FT Island | OT5 + Wonbin | PG-13

(It's not that they don't try to make Seunghyun feel welcomed, but at first it really is awkward for everyone. Well, not for Jonghun-hyung because he's always awkward and he's the type of person that misses all the awkwardness. You know, the way that leaves you feeling awkward while the other person really doesn't notice anything wrong with the atmosphere.)

Minhwan doesn't get it. It can't be because he's younger than everyone else since Jaejin-hyung is older by only a year and Seunghyun is the same age as him.

It starts when he sees them from the crack of the door (they're having Wonbin's private farewell party and everyone else is a bit tipsy and teary and it's kind of ridiculous how calm Wonbin is), Wonbin-hyung holding Seunghyun's hands and facing him and looking serious.

"It won't be that hard to get on with them, Seughyunnie, believe me."

The new guitarist doesn't look impressed.

"Hongki has a soft spot for anything that smiles brightly. And that I know you can do." Seunghyun just hums disbelievingly.

"Jonghun is a bit awkward," Seunghyun snorts ,"but he's really easy to be with. I bet he'll be the first one to always ask you whether you've eaten or are you thirsty. And when you can't sleep he'll make you tea and just sit with you."

"Jaejinnie will probably be quiet at first. In the beginning he kinda pushes you aroud and tries to make you annoyed, so when he starts you can just smile at him and he'll pause. After a while he'll smile back."

"Then there's baby Minhwan." The youngest tries to peer even more through the crack without actually poking his head in.

"You're the same age so I think you'll get along. Just hang around him and be his pillow and he'll love you before he can even say babo," he sees  Wonbin grin and feels a bit cheated. Who's Wonbin-hyung to go around and tell his secrets?

But he forgets about it when Wonbin leans a bit forward and kisses Seunghyun on the corner of his mouth. And when Seunghyun steps into Wonbin's embrace and drops his head against the older male's shoulder, Minhwan scurries back down the hall and into the room where Hongki, Jonghun and Jaejin are (badly) singing karaoke.

Jonghun is the first one to really welcome Seunghyun, just like Wonbin predicted. When Seunghyun moves into the dorm with them, he offers a handshake to everyone with a small, nervous smile on his face and Jonghun just grins and and pulls him into a hug. Seunghyun looks quite awkward while trying to figure out what to do but everyone knows how Jonghun is, he doesn't have any respect for personal space. That doesn't stop Hongki from tensing up and even Jaejin's grip on the corner of the table tightens. Minhwan clings onto his dolphin and sits on his bed.

Seunghyun appears to have a snarky sense of humour ("That's a spoon, not a spatula!" "Wow, Hongki-hyung, your powers of observation astound me!" / "You're supposed to sing it like this, it sounds better that way." "Sure it does, and I'm the Queen of France.") and it clashes with the Wonbin-missing Hongki. As Seunghyun showers, Hongki whines about how neither of the youngest have any respect for their elders and then it changes to how Seunghyun's voice is different from Wonbin's and how he plays differently and Minhwan rolls his eyes and hits his hyung upside the head before stomping to Jonghun and Seunghyun's room.

The thing is, Wonbin is right about Hongki. Minhwan could get anything from his hyung with a smile and a pretty please so he really shouldn't be surprised. A few weeks prior to this, Hongki had crumbled. After Hongki had criticized the younger guitarist's pronounciation, Seunghyun had smiled at him like he had just won something and there the singer went. Minhwan could see it clearly, the way Hongki-hyung froze and ogled at Seunghyun.

After that Hongki would make sure no one compared Seunghyun to Wonbin and stressed the fact that they were two different people and Seunghyun wasn't replacing Wonbin and when he thought he was the only one paying attention he'd cling to Seunghyun's hand and Seunghyun would smile at him. But no, Minhwan saw it all.

But now Minhwan hopes that they won't notice him, though his hiding place behind the changing room curtain is quite sufficient. Minhwan was taking a nap in his secret room when two figures stumbled in. It was Hongki, and he was all over Seunghyun, practically devouring the younger one. There are muffled moans and gasps and whispers and it sounds hot.

When butterflies start fluttering in the pit of Minhwan's belly, he really hopes they won't notice him.

The others catch up on it too, the way Hongki hangs onto Seunghyun. The guitarist doesn't seem to mind either but anyone with eyes should see the way Jonghun watches them. Apparently, everyone but Minhwan is blind.

Jonghun would do anything for Hongki, he'd do anything for any of them. The leader isn't really good with words so he usually speaks with his actions. While Jonghun is extremely awkward, he's also the kind of person that falls in love easily and you can't help but love him back. Hongki used to follow Jonghun around or make Jonghun follow him and Jonghun was the one he went to when he needed a hug or a cuddle. And when Hongki falls for Seunghyun, Jonghun must feel a bit lost.

They've all gone to bed already but their leader stayed behind in their living room to do something leader-ish, like reading through random papers their manager had given him. Since Minhwan sleeps in the living room, he has taken note of how Jonghun has made a habit out of sleeping on the big couch. Before Hongki and Seunghyun "got together" he had no problem sleeping in the same bed with Seunghyun.

As the other guitarist steps out from their shared room, Minhwan thinks they're lucky to have another person who sees things. The magnae pretends to be asleep as Seunghyun advances on Jonghun who hasn't noticed the younger boy yet.

"Hyung, why won't you come to sleep?"

Minhwan knows Seunghyun startled their leader from the way he hears the papers rustle quickly.

"Y-You surprised me, Seunghyun-ah. Go back to sleep, it's late." Jonghun shifts. Minhwan turns onto his other side so he can see the two of them from under the blanket. He feels like a stalker.

Seunghyun walks towards the sofa and sits down next to Jonghun. Minhwan's not sure what happens, but when Jonghun quietly glances at the younger guitarist, he pounces. Seunghyun straddles the leader's hips and bends down close to the older one and Minhwan can almost feel the shivers that visibly run down Jonghun's spine. The whispers are loud enough for him to hear.

"Hyung, why won't you sleep with me?"  Seunghyun murmurs and nibbles on Jonghun's lip. The other hisses and tries to turn his head away, but Seunghyun stops him.

"Minhwannie's right there," the older male whispers feverishly and obviously chokes back a moan when Seunghyun rolls his hips and Minhwan bites his lip. This is completely different from walking in on Jaejin and Hongki. Completely.

Minhwan doesn't sleep at all that night.

When the youngest can't look Jonghun or Seunghyun in the eye, Jaejin jokes that he has a crush on their leader again. Minhwan kicks the bassist's shin and bites his shoulder. At least Hongki is now equally hanging onto Seunghyun and Jonghun and Jonghun doesn't watch them anymore. That's now Jaejin's job. He stares and stares and stares when Jonghun slides his arm around Seunghyun's waist and Hongki drops his head on his shoulder when they watch a movie.

So Jaejin watches until he can't forget what color their eyes are and Minhwan watches him watch.

It's about a month after Seunghyun joined the band that Jaejin really starts teasing him. The teasing isn't supposed to be as effective since usually Hongki and Jaejin do it together, but the way Jaejin's doing it is almost malicious. No one really realizes it because it's in the undertones that only Minhwan hears and in the way Jaejin pretends to playfully whine about how Hongki and Jonghun ignore him these days.

In the end of one hard day Hongki decides that he wants to sleep with Jonghun and that decision lands Seunghyun in Hongki and Jaejin's room. Again, Minhwan rejoices when someone else actually observes the slight slouching of Jaejin's posture and Seunghyun cheerfully throws his arm around his shoulders.

"We gotta get to know each other better, yeah, hyung?" The guitarist pokes Jaejin's cheek and the older looks ready to snap at him but obviously hesitates when Seunghyun just smiles gently at him.

Minhwan hears a bang from Hongki and Jaejin's room. And an angry "ya" to go with it. Worried, he gets up from his bed and opens the door.

 Only to find a furious looking Jaejin holding a smug looking Seunghyun against a wall.

"It's only a matter of-" the younger's sentence is cut short when Jaejin crushes his mouth against his and shoves his hand under Seunghyun's shirt. With a hard push he presses himself more firmly against the guitarist and moves his mouth to suck on Seunghyun's neck.

This makes Minhwan wonder why this keeps happening to him.

From that point onward, it's a foursome. The four of them end up sleeping in the same room more often than not, usually making it hard for the youngest to sleep.

Minhwan can't help but to feel a bit annoyed. He's grown to love Seunghyun and thinks he's a great friend, but Wonbin was the only one who took him seriously. He misses his hyung's kisses and the way he could taste the other three in his mouth. This is what Minhwan doesn't get.

Why don't they include him? Oh, no, they don't single him out. When they watch movies Jonghun would still pull him to sit in his lap and play with his hair and Hongki still spoiled him rotten and tried to get him to sit in his lap instead. Jaejin hadn't given up trying to make him call him hyung and he apparently had a sixth sense, because everytime Minhwan felt down, Jaejin would appear and joke around and hold him. With Seunghyun he pulled pranks on their hyungs and sneaked out at night to walk in the park and gaze at the stars. They all still talked about everything and anything.

It's not like he's completely innocent. He's 17, just like Seunghyun is. It's incomprehensible. 

He stayed up all night thinking and now he's tired and pissed off, he's sitting on a sofa and staring at Jaejin, Hongki and Jonghun so hard that he thinks he could burn a whole into each of them. He barely notices when a form molds itself against his side and a breath tickles his ear. When he does, his breath catches because of the look in Seunghyun's eyes. They shine with mischief and insecurity and something that resembles the lights on the stages they perform and it's gorgeous.

He feels a pair of lips on his neck and turns his head to find Jaejin standing behind the sofa. While Minhwan's distracted, Hongki appears before him, smiling that I'm-going-to-kill-all-the-noonas-smile of his and though Minhwan's a boy and definitely not older than Hongki he feels his heart speed up at the sight. When a hand finds it's way beneath his shirt it's Jonghun who had crept up to his other side.

"We've been neglecting the magnae, haven't we?" Hongki speaks slowly. The others hum in agreement.

"That was so rude of me," Seunghyun drawls and Minhwan shivers. The guitarist turns Minhwan's head and his eyes now shine brighter than any lights the youngest has ever seen.

 This was the kind of feeling you only had in dreams. The feeling of having the world in your fingertips.

"Lemme make it up to you?" He whisperes against Minhwan's lips before kissing him. Jaejin is still nibbling on his neck, Hongki is sliding his hand up his thigh and Jonghun's hand is under his shirt.

He could taste them all on Seunghyun's tongue.

Damn Wonbin-hyung, he had been right about them all.
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