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Jaebum's magic is unique, but Jinyoung might be slightly biased.

There were quite a few things that Jinyoung could say he recognised immediately. His mother's hand on the top of his head, the smell of his favourite food cooking, the look on Youngjae's face when he was about to do something ridiculous. And if given a hundred daggers to try, he was confident he could pick out his own pair out by touch alone.

This sensation, the feeling that someone had enveloped him in something a little hot and soft, the goosebumps he got. The way his heart started to beat just a bit faster.

This was what Jinyoung felt when Jaebum was doing magic.

Granted, on the battlefield, with adrenaline rushing through his blood and eyes tracking the enemies, it made him fight harder, it made his grin wider and more dangerous because the people they were fighting, they were so screwed.

Jaebum's smile and the flash in his eyes, like lightning in the clear blue sky.

Like this, though, with just the two of them left at camp while the others were in the nearby village gathering rumours and food, it was different, intimate.

It was like a lover's caress on his skin, fingertips on his lips, a warm breath against his neck.

Jinyoung bit the inside of his cheek, an almost violent shiver wrecking his body, making his hands shake so much that he had to set his dagger and sharpening kit down.

He took a few deep breaths, eyes closed, willing himself to calm down. It worked to an extent, but he still felt as if he wanted to crawl out of his own skin.

Looking from his still slightly trembling hands to his daggers, he sat by the camp for a while, leg bouncing, gnawing on his lower lip.

When he finally stood up, it might've been with more force than necessary, but he hadn't been so sure his muscles would actually obey him. He moved the weapons back to their sheaths and placed them and the sharpening kit neatly by his pack before figuring out which way the feeling was pulling him.

Jinyoung had asked the others about this, if they felt Jaebum's magic like he did. He had done it subtly of course, and downplayed the effect it had on him.

Kunpimook and Youngjae had both said that they felt a very faint prickling on their skin when they were near Jaebum and he was performing a spell. Mark had taken a bit longer to answer but he had finally informed Jinyoung that it was kind of like pins and needles, but pleasant.

Jackson's reply had involved a lot of hand gestures as he tried to explain how the drawing of mana interacted with people and things surrounding a mage. Jackson wasn't very good at explaining, however, and Jinyoung hadn't understood most of it, but he appreciated the effort nonetheless.

Yugyeom had just looked at him, straight in the eyes and raised his eyebrow. Jinyoung had refused to suffer such blatant disrespect from someone younger than him and hit him upside the head, softer than he had wanted to.

A snort and a way too amused ”whatever, hyung” had been the response he had gotten.

So it seemed like he was the only one who felt it like this, like there was a hook in his belly, a beacon beckoning him closer.

Jinyoung concentrated, fingers twitching, before deciding on walking the forest's edge. It probably wasn't the wisest move to leave their camp unattended, but he had never claimed to be wise, and it wasn't like there would be many people walking around outside the village this time of the evening. The others would be back soon, anyway.

The sensation kept growing stronger and by the time he saw Jaebum, Jinyoung was practically shaking again, breath coming out in short bursts.

Jaebum was sitting with his back to Jinyoung on a mat, cross-legged and with his forearms resting against his knees. His head was down and the low cut of his shirt collar revealed the nape of his neck and the first few bumps of his spine.

He stood there, spellbound and with his throat dry and just watched as Jaebum breathed, his shoulders moving calm and loose, completely relaxed as little sparks of electricity danced between his fingertips, violet and bright in the fading light.

”Jaebum?” Jinyoung called out. He managed to keep the quiver in his body out of his voice.

Jaebum lifted his head and took a deep breath. He gathered his magic close and bundled it back inside himself before turning to look at Jinyoung. If Jinyoung didn't know better, he'd say the mage had just woken up. His eyes were half-lidded and lips were parted. Jinyoung wanted to kiss him.

Jaebum smiled, slow and deliberate in a way that told Jinyoung that the other one was completely aware of what Jinyoung was thinking.

He twisted his upper body slightly and lifted his hand toward Jinyoung, fingers curling into his palm, ”come here, Jinyoung.”

Jaebum's voice sounded rough. Jinyoung went to him, circled around so he was in front of Jaebum, the other's eyes on him the whole way, heavy like a physical touch.

He smiled up at Jinyoung, still not looking away, both hands in his lap. Jinyoung lowered himself to his knees on the mat, legs almost burshing Jaebum's.

His heart was beating so hard he could feel it in his throat, a steady  thump, thump, thump  in his ears. He licked his lips as Jaebum reached for his hand and he gave it willingly, hissing when he felt a small shock where Jaebum's fingers curled around his.

Jinyoung wasn't at all prepared when after a soft ”sorry,” Jaebum brought Jinyoung's hand to his lips and kissed the spot where his magic had accidentally touched Jinyoung.

He let out a choked noise when Jaebum smiled playfully and licked the place he had kissed.

”That's not fair,” he said breathlessly, digging his short nails in on Jaebum's hand in warning. Jinyoung watched as Jaebum's eyes crinkled into crescents.

”Sorry,” he repeated. He didn't look apologetic at all.

Jaebum unfolded his legs and drew Jinyoung properly between them and Jinyoung felt tethered, by Jaebum's eyes and his touch, as if he was drifting on open sea and Jaebum was his anchor, the only point of contact in the world that mattered.

He wet his lips once and surged forward, catching Jaebum's mouth with his. He bit Jaebum's lower lip, turning the low chuckle that had been building in Jaebum's chest into a moan.

The hand that wasn't still tangled with Jaebum's moved to rest on the bare junction of his neck and shoulder. Jaebum's unoccupied hand snuck its way under Jinyoung's shirt, stroking slowly up his side before coming to a stop just under his rib cage, palm like a brand.

It seemed like Jinyoung hadn't kissed Jaebum properly in ages, even though it hadn't been that long. He needed to be closer. He needed to have everything and anything Jaebum was willing to give him.

His frustration manifested as a groan that disappeared in Jaebum's mouth. When the other one pulled his lips away from Jinyoung, he chased after them but stopped and opened his eyes when he felt the scratch of Jaebum's nails on his skin.

Jaebum was breathing hard like him, still close enough that Jinyoung could feel the breaths on his chin. His eyes were darker than normal and the redness of his lips was like a siren's call.

The fingers curled around his squeezed once before shifting to grip Jinyoung by the front of his shirt.

The mage lay down, his back on the mat and pulled Jinyoung with him effortlessly.

Hovering over Jaebum, who was blinking up at Jinyoung, he was sure he would never be fine again. His heart was going to stop and he was going to die right here and right now.

Jaebum tugged on his shirt, impatient, so Jinyoung had no other choice but to lean down and kiss him again, tongue slipping into Jaebum's mouth.

He was thorough, licking and sucking and biting in turns and was happy to let Jaebum retaliate.

Then Jaebum rolled his hips against Jinyoung's and Jinyoung's teeth caught the corner of the other's lip between them harder than necessary.

His head was swimming, his hands were clammy on the mat beside Jaebum's head and a sliver of uncertainty mixed in with his arousal.

With slight trouble he pulled away from Jaebum, who didn't look impressed with this development, but still, he let his head fall back, looking into Jinyoung's eyes. Jinyoung just breathed for a second.

”Are you sure?” he managed to ask.

Jaebum looked disbelieving before rolling his eyes fondly and answering in the affirmative.

Resisting Jaebum's hands that were tugging on him, trying to coax him back into a kiss, he asked again, ”here?”

”Yes,” Jaebum almost growled at him, his patience tried for the second time. Beneath the  yes, now, please,  was something longing, something Jinyoung knew, something breakable and infinitely precious. He allowed the hand on the back of his neck guide him back down, lips meeting.

The way they kissed was unhurried, their sighs blending and Jinyoung could taste something on Jaebum's tongue. It reminded him of the air after a thunderstorm and he couldn't get enough.

Jaebum's hands wandered to Jinyoung's front, fingers deftly undoing the fastening of his pants.

"Take them off," Jaebum murmured, refusing to break the kiss properly. Jinyoung had to do it so he could let out the laugh that startled out of him. He gazed down at Jaebum, at his small frown, the one he got when he was annoyed at something.

"You really are impatient, aren't you," Jinyoung mused, eyes locked on Jaebum's.  The slight flicker in them was the only warning he got before Jaebum rolled his hips again, pressing himself against Jinyoung. To top it off, he threw his head back and moaned shamelessly.

Jinyoung gave up on holding himself over Jaebum and let his weight come down on him, chest against chest, and buried his face in Jaebum's neck. Jaebum just rubbed against him again.

"Okay, your point's made," he got out, breaths coming out sharp on Jaebum's skin. Jinyoung felt the small laugh in Jaebum's chest before he heard it from his mouth.

Gathering his senses, Jinyoung forced himself up and off Jaebum momentarily. Jaebum's eyes on Jinyoung were practically consuming him and he had to resist the urge to just lean down and be consumed in a more literal sense.

He took hold of the hem of his shirt and pulled it off over his head before working his pants down his legs, underwear going with. Jinyoung knelt there, bare between Jaebum's legs and didn't feel self-conscious at all. They had used to be more shy, back when they had started, times like these spent giving furtive glances and their cheeks hot to the touch, learning and relearning each other's bodies.

Now Jinyoung felt powerful, letting Jaebum study him, his dark eyes traveling down his chest and back up. He managed not to preen.

Deciding he had let Jaebum's eyes linger long enough, Jinyoung opened the fastenings on the soft pants the other was wearing and with help from Jaebum, pulled them off.

Next his hands wandered under Jaebum's loose shirt, pushing it up and finally off. Jaebum glanced at where Jinyoung had carelessly tossed their clothes.

"If I end up with ants in my pants, I'm blaming you," he remarked offhandedly, the right side of his mouth tilted up. He reached out and wound his arms around Jinyoung's neck.

"Shut up," Jinyoung said, cheerful, and swallowed the make me Jaebum was sure to respond with from his lips. Jaebum was gracious enough to comply, even when Jinyoung moved from his mouth to his cheek and jaw, kissing and nipping his way to the spots he knew Jaebum liked the best. His hands roamed the landscape of Jaebum's body, the familiar dips and curves, the scars he had mapped out long ago and sworn to himself, silently, that they would be the first and last ones he'd come to know.

Jinyoung ached and he wanted, so badly that he was sure he would've come apart at the very seams of his being if he weren't being held together by the hitches in Jaebum's breathing and the grounding touch of his fingers on Jinyoung's neck.

He ground down against Jaebum, biting on his collarbone at the rush of pleasure that coursed through him. They weren't very vocal, used to thin walls and people on the other side of them, so Jinyoung stored every sigh and moan, whimper and gasp into his memory, with all the things he knew and loved about Jaebum.

"Let me--," Jaebum shifted and worked a hand into the almost non-existent space between their bodies, long fingers curling around them. He stroked up, twisting his hand and stared straight into Jinyoung's eyes. They both shuddered, breaths short against each others' mouths.

Jinyoung kissed Jaebum, once, twice, three times, just quick presses of their lips and moved with Jaebum, their bodies finding a natural rhythm the same way they did when fighting. It might have seemed instinctual if you didn't know the long hours they had spent working on their timing and flow, first just the two of them folding and unfolding, finding each other in the gaps of their own movements.

Jaebum's hand sped up, his eyes closed tight and mouth hot on Jinyoung's. Jaebum trembled under him, spilling over.

"Come on," he gasped, fingers still around Jinyoung, doing his best to take him over the edge.

"Jinyoung, please," Jaebum's voice was low and husky and Jinyoung was left defenseless. He hurtled after Jaebum, tremors rushing through his body from head to toe.

He rolled to his side carefully, head coming to rest next to Jaebum's, hand over the other's heart, tasting something like ozone on the back of his tongue. Jinyoung breathed in and out, in and out, and watched as Jaebum's chest started to rise and fall at the same time.

Jaebum turned his head, slowly, like he didn't quite have the energy for it, and licked his lips, "you know, I think we'd better get back to camp."

He blinked at Jinyoung when he hummed in agreement but neither of them made a move to get up from the mat. Jinyoung felt so content, basking in the warmth of their bodies and having the permission to look at all of Jaebum's bared skin without someone wolf-whistling and making lewd comments.

A small smile graced Jaebum's lips, "they'll send out a search party at this rate, and I for one don't relish the thought of the others stumbling upon us like this," he gestured at himself.

Jinyoung couldn't resist grinning mischievously back, "and why not? I'm almost 90% sure they'd appreciate the free show."

Jaebum courteously wiped his hand on the mat before smacking him.

+yay ~magic~! you have this song to blame and also my fascination with magic and... things....

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