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breaking out, closing in | got7 | ot7 (implied mark/jackson & jb/jr.) | dragon age au | gen

Sometimes Jackson saves the day.

Yugyeom's energy shifts from biting cold to something gentle, a soft hue of blue surrounding him.

That's Jackson's first clue that something is still off, despite the numerous enemies lying on the ground. The second clue is the lingering sense of danger in the air, like something unseen is watching him.

As he wipes the sweat and grime off his forehead with the non-bloody part of his sleeve, he gets his third and final clue.

”Jaebum?” Jinyoung's voice sounds shaky, so unlike him, especially post-battle when everyone is still riding the rush of a victory and that finally makes Jackson's eyes seek out their leader.

He's hunched over like he's in pain, his staff lying on the ground. His body is trembling, in time with the discharges of the electricity he sheathes himself with during battle. The electricity forms miniature lightning bolts that strike the earth near Jaebum's feet, arcing threateningly towards Jinyoung who's trying to approach him.

”Don't,” Yugyeom says quietly but surprisingly firmly, hand on Jinyoung's elbow. Youngjae and Kunpimook are hovering behind their youngest, worry and confusion etched onto their features. Mark is standing with his back to Jaebum, cutting Jinyoung off from him.

There's another layer in Yugyeom's voice that probably only Jackson can hear. It's hidden beneath Yugyeom's own, authority ringing out from the spirit he has called forth. The emotions in his eyes swirl from concern to sympathy to frustration, because this isn't something Yugyeom can heal.

Technically there's nothing even wrong with Jaebum at the moment.

At the hurt gasp that escapes from behind Jaebum's gritted teeth, Jackson springs into action. He can see Jinyoung half-heartedly struggling in Yugyeom and Mark's grasp, but he blocks it out.

He blocks everything out, except the feeling of Jaebum's mana spiraling out of the mage's control and the sure and steady power rising inside himself.

Jackson thinks back to the battle, where at the end they had been almost overpowered by the reinforcements they hadn't known the bandits had had.

He remembers Jaebum's warning shout to get away from the enemies, before he had cast a Lightning Cage to keep them in one place while Yugyeom and Kunpimook picked them off at range, the rest of them keeping watch should any of them get past the electric barrier.

He remembers the radius of the spell being much larger than normal to reach around the large number of enemies.

He remembers how exhausted they had all been before the arrival of the second wave of enemies, Yugyeom's soothing magic slowly trying to restore their stamina.

Jackson worries his lower lip, thinking about the best way to get Jaebum's magic back under control. It had obviously reacted to the huge amount of mana Jaebum had expended on that last spell, going haywire.

The sharp inhalations he hears behind him when he advances on Jaebum and the little bolts of lightning strike at him would've made him smile in any other situation.

They try to shock him, to worm their way under his skin, but thanks to his training, they at most tickle.

He closes his eyes and furrows his brow in concentration, his own energy reaching out of him, intertwining with Jaebum's. It's spread out much farther than he had imagined, and tendrils slip from his grasp and batter at him, sensing only the threat of a templar near.

Sweat starts to trickle down the side of his face and he grits his teeth at the hostile magic trying to eliminate him.

Suddenly Jackson feels something like a cool breeze on a too hot summer day on his skin. He doesn't need more than a few seconds to recognise the familiar character of Yugyeom's magic. Where Jaebum's is mostly sharp angles and quick rises and falls, unpredictable in its tremendous power, Yugyeom's is smooth and unwavering, a slow crescendo into a big finale.

Jackson mentally notes that he owes Yugyeom for more than just that timely barrier in the battle. The Rejuvenate the healer had cast on him gives him the energy to capture and hold the bits of magic evading him.

He gathers the runaway magic up, tender, taking care not to tear at the edges. He straightens himself up, taking a deep breath, and rolls his shoulders back, bringing his hands together in front of him, as if holding the hilt of his sword.

With the release of his breath, he lets his energy roll out of him like a wave on a sea and it breaks on the opposing energy of Jaebum's magic, pushing it towards the leader. Jackson opens his eyes and follows in his own power's wake, closing the distance between him and Jaebum and comes to stand within arms reach.

Working in earnest now, he presses down on the magic struggling in his clasp, directing it slowly back into Jaebum.

Jaebum's moan starts a commotion behind him, the sound registering faintly through Jackson's concentration.

”What is he doing?!” he hears Jinyoung snarl and Jackson chances a peek at his pale face. Yugyeom and Mark are still holding him back, but keeping a furious Jinyoung in place is not an easy task.

Jinyoung tries to shake the others off him, eyes trained on Jackson and Jaebum.

”What is he doing to Jaebum?” there's a razor sharp edge in his voice, and if Jackson was more sensitive about things like this, it would cut quite deep. Mark's grip on Jinyoung's shoulder tightens.

”Jinyoung,” Mark says, a clear warning in his tone, ”trust him.”

”Trust us,” Yugyeom says, like it's a request and not a plea. There's steel in his eyes when he looks at Jinyoung.

Jinyoung settles down, still vibrating in his skin, and Jackson turns his attention back to Jaebum, sure now that Jinyoung will let him do what's necessary.

He closes his eyes and visualises wrapping Jaebum's magic around him and smoothing out the cracks and sharp edges, working through knots and tangles.

Jackson senses it, when the agitated magic finally calms down and gives in. He doesn't know how long he's been at it when it retreats into Jaebum's body, making the static in the air around them disappear.

He breaks Jaebum's fall, catching him and lowering himself onto the ground with him, and lets the other's head rest on his shoulder. The muscles in Jaebum's back are shaking from the effort it had taken to keep the majority of the magic from getting loose.

”Thank you,” Jaebum breathes out, hands weakly holding onto Jackson.

”You're welcome,” he manages to reply quietly, before they're surrounded by the others, Jinyoung rushing to Jaebum's side.

Mark comes to stand right next to Jackson and grips his unoccupied shoulder. Jackson smiles up at him, and bumps his head against the older one's thigh.

Kunpimook and Youngjae are kneeling down too, identical expressions of relief and worry on their faces, hands hovering uncertainly.

Yugyeom might be the only one who doesn't look at all anxious, and the blue aura surrounding him fades away slowly.

”Hyung,” Youngjae starts, unsure, ”are you okay?”

Jaebum hums, nodding as Jackson shifts and lets Jinyoung take his place. Their leader adjusts his position to get closer to Jinyoung and buries his face into his neck.

Jackson stands up, Mark's hand sliding down from his shoulder to wrap around his hand.

He catches the grateful look Jinyoung shoots him and shakes his head slightly to convey it's nothing.

They stay there for a while, all seven of them quiet, uncaring that they're in the middle of a battlefield with blood and dirt on their clothes and in their hair.

They stay there, let the tension drain from their bodies and watch over their leader.

Date: 2015-03-25 05:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh my...this was very interesting

And Mark and Jackson stopped dancing around each other...

I normally read this on AO3 but it seems I'm on LJ first today

Date: 2015-03-25 05:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
heeh thank you! :3

and they were bound to stop it eventually hahah~

Alternative Universe is Best! And JJP is Best.

Date: 2015-03-25 10:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So this is Best of the Best >.<

It's hurt at the first time to see JInyoung can't get closer to Jaebum even we know that he's so worried. I'm relieve he didn't try to kill Mark and Yugyeom, and still have his clear mind to believe at them :) I don't know what Dragon Age is, but this is so cool!

When Jaebum and Jinyoung are re-united is really warming scene :) I love to see that.

hey stay there, let the tension drain from their bodies and watch over their leader.
This is my favorite quote :) How you call Jaebum by 'leader' is sweet to :)

Thanks for writing this! Hope you still writing :) Thank You! :D
From: [identity profile]
thank you so much ♥

things were tense for a moment but it turned out ok! and dragon age is a video game, i'm mostly just taking bits and pieces from that universe and meshing them with the boys :)

i am still writing, yes ^^ thank you again for commenting~
From: [identity profile]
you are welcome! keep writing! :D

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