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Seeing Miyavi the other day made me miss my jrock fandoms.

so now I've something like 60 fics that I have to read in my bookmarks and things to download and videos to watch and communities to rejoin :'D 
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I'm at work atm and I have never ever been more bored.

In my life.

and those two customers are messing up everything I just organized and If they don't clean it up after themselves some heads are gonna drop. It took me so long to get that done and argh.

Imma stop being a nerd at work.
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I was really bored on my way home from school, so I took some pics. Spring is coming 8D~

to teh pics 8D )
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I'll write something when I'm not dead.

That means tomorrow.

But it was AMAZING ♥♥

here it iiis~ )
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I lovelovelove the SuJu album ♥_______________♥ It's amazing. It's so... guh

MIIAAA, there's a note to you at the end of the post )

f u life

Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:28 am
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I'll put it all behind the cut.

whining, again )

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just a dream )
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at myself >(

mostly nothing )
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Err, yea. I'm a bit late in this but... ^^' Anyways, veeeeeery happy, bishie filled New Year 2008 to everyone!

Gah, it's school again tomorrow. Oh, the sorrow. AND WE HAVE SNOW NOW! The snow is late too. Damn you, snow, you were supposed to be here for Christmas! *glares outside* I have no idea when I should be at school... or where there... Maybe it would be a good idea to call somone and ask XD

Andandand, I found my inner KAT-TUN fangirl again And I bought HYDE's CD 'Faith' couple of days ago and I love it. All the songs. Especially 'Made in Heaven' and 'Perfect Moment'. HYDE's English is actually pretty good, I can understand what he is saying for the most part but in some songs his accent just decides to show up :''D

Oh yes, and my parents broke up. It's really weird because almost everyone says that it's really upsetting or something, but I don't really even care... Am I odd? :'D
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Le whii~, it's Christmas ^^ And we have no snow in Finland... C'MON, WE HAVE TO HAVE SNOW!! It doesn't even feel like X-mas ;;__;; Not fair. Well, my friend who lives in the northern part of Finland says they have snow there, but in Helsinki there is NOT. It's so grey and depressing.

Oh well, at least I get presents >DD Not much, 'coz I usually get presents after Christmas when the sales start everywhere :'''D Not that I mind. I hope though that I get those CDs I wished for .___. Because I'm poor and don't have money XD AND YAY, A CHRISTMAS TREE! ... (it's plastic but don't tell anyone XD) Yeaa.

About Tsukicon! Me an my friend had lots and lots of fun, and my friend felt loved when ppl wanted to take a picture of her cosplay and hug her :3 And we went to MOON -kana-'s concert too, which wasn't in our plans originally but oh well. It was fun. And my legs were dead after that XD

Hmm, what else... OH YEAH! An Cafe is going to come to Finland! Oh my God~ *fangirls* TAKUYAAA~ I've listened Ryusei Rocket in repeat for like... many hours XDD And I hope they sub Yukan Club ep. 10 soon o_________o Can't live without blond playboy-Junno. Well I can but I shouldn't have to.

I'll stop my pointless ramble here ^^''

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